A Message Mom’s Really Want on Mothers Day

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Grab a mimosa (yes, you’ll have to get it yourself.) Or a coffee.  Heck, grab a sippy cup if you have to.

I would like to make a toast… to all of you ordinary mama’s doing regular mom-stuff even ON Mother’s day.

You are all world-changers.  The little lives you are guiding, the generation that you are affecting will one day change this world as we know it. 

You are light bearers.  You push the darkness back a little bit further every time you choose life. Every time you renew your mind.  Every time you speak with love and serve another.  You actually love someone more than you love yourself.  You would put your life on the line for someone else.  You sacrifice yourself in countless ways, daily.  Sometimes, we forget how paramount that is.  We say things like, I’m just a mom.  Or I just have one.  We invalidate our calling.  But the very fact that we invest so much of ourselves in someone else ranks us among the most enlightened of our species. The truth is that you are the most important person in the whole world, to at least one little life. 

~          ~          ~

Our work won’t earn us the Nobel peace prize or put us in Forbes magazine, but the work we are doing is indispensable and our souls can be just as satisfied in the good work we are doing.  And there are toast worthy achievements and glorious victories, whether we recognize them or not.  Every time that we decide not to yell.  Each moment that we pause our agenda to benefit theirs.  The times we seek to understand rather than enforce our own way.  The deep digging we do to find patience, joy, gentleness and self-control.  The addictions, behaviors and genetic cycles we decide will stop at us. 

These are pivotal.  These are life-changing.  These things are worthy of recognition.

~          ~          ~

To the moms pulling all-nighters or spending more time in hospitals than you ever imagined you would.  To the moms putting your dreams on the shelf and to moms trying to find the balance between work and home-life.  To those doing the very hard work of reconciliation so your children don’t experience divorce.  To the divorced mom resting in everlasting arms so her children see how God makes beauty from ashes.  To the one burdened by mom-guilt.  To the one darkened with depression.  I honor you and the battles you are fighting.

~          ~          ~

To those of you who don’t pull away when your life gets messy.  To the moms who are letting someone else have the right answers and relying on someone else’s strength for a season.  You understand that true community is being able to give AND take. And you ARE blessed.

~          ~          ~

To the moms concerned with the call to be fruitful and multiply… in every sense of the word.  Who are all about creating life, even if your womb is done.  You are thinking it.  You are speaking it.  You are doing it.  And no one else can do it like you.

~          ~          ~

To those of you allowing other moms to parent differently, I salute you.  For allowing everyone around you to be her own unique mom-breed without being offended or feeling the need to attack her choice, whether it be to work, to stay home, to breast feed, to formula feed, to home-school or send to school, or to govern screen time.  You empower others to be their best self. And you are transforming the world around you in ripples and in waves.

~          ~          ~

One day… your children will rise up and acknowledge these years.  But today, I rise up, and call you blessed.  Because being a mother is one of the most soul-wrenching and sacrificial callings there are.  Because you are among the fiercest, strongest and most selfless people on the earth.  Because you don’t give up.  You don’t let the darkness win.  You don’t let the world claim your kids. 

I acknowledge you today.  Not because you are perfect, but because you let your brokenness reveal the light, love and truth that lives within. 


You deserve so much more than an over-crowded, over-priced meal “that you didn’t have to cook.” 

You deserve a standing ovation. 

You deserve a thousand fist pumps. 

But since you probably won’t get any of that… just know that I mean everything stated above and more, when I say “Happy Mother’s Day.”