Evia Anna Marconi

The Heart | May 24, 2017 | By

20170524_183945Living One.”  You are finally here! We have all been getting ready for you over the past several months… your dad making space for you in the house and your older brothers making space for you in their hearts.  Your presence is already changing the tone of this family… it’s a little bit softer and I am feeling a little less outnumbered.  (Thank you!) 

I want to tell you about a place your dad and I visited once… It was a breathtakingly beautiful Greek island with towering mountainous ranges, fertile forests and tranquil turquoise beaches. We visited a remote mountain village there, with no plumbing and limited electricity.  Many of the townsfolk were dressed in heavy orthodox attire, and trying to keep cool under vineyard covered trellises.  We passed through the center of town where all the women used to sit at a stone mill and grind wheat to make bread. We went inside a house that had been frozen in time for nearly a decade; beds unmade, dishes in the sink, a few dozen pictures on the mantle… pictures of our family. 

My dad, whom you will unfortunately not meet in this lifetime, had grown up in that house.  Actually he helped build it. There was an iron stove out the back door, where your great-grandma would cook long, thin loaves of bread each day, one for her husband and each of her boys to keep in their back pockets as they worked the fields.  We saw where they would have kept the donkey, goats and chickens.  We walked through the pomegranate and olive orchards they once tended to.  The sheer lack of what my dad had grown up with was staggering… and yet he lived such a rich life.  He loved his family fiercely.  He shared all he had.  He never compromised his integrity.  And he cultivated a full, safe and happy life for our family. The legacy he left on our hearts will extend far beyond his 57 years on this earth. 

On that day, when I saw where it all began, I knew a little piece of my heart would not be coming home with me.  It was the only place I have ever been that broke my heart and filled it to overflowing at the exact same time.  And I am learning that the most beautiful aspects of life are just like this… watching your kids grow up, embracing new seasons and allowing necessary changes to take place in your heart.  It’s like… an intersection, where joy and sorrow meet. A holy threshold. I am sure Jesus knew this cross-road well, as He died on one.  I pray you would learn to live your life this way, able to experience all God has for you in every moment and know that all of it is good.

So… one day, my darling “living one,”  your dad and I will take you to this place so you can experience it for yourself – the unforgettable village of St. Anna’s, on the breathtakingly and heart-achingly beautiful island of Evia, Greece.