Come for dinner; my ego is being served

The Heart | March 8, 2016 | By


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I admit, as the daughter of a Greek chef, hosting quickly became second nature for me. Actually, anything that brings about community invigorates and energizes me.  I love planning the menu, laying the groundwork and creating the mood.  Hosting was part of the reason we purchased a property with some room to spread out. After meals we like to get everyone together and do something crazy like play soccer with an exercise ball or set up a huge slip ‘n’ slide with a roll of poly-tarp.  (You know, regular hillbilly entertainment.) But, if you have ever been to our place and been even marginally impressed with the spread of food or the condition of our house or property, you should probably know something… I was depressed by the time you left.  Perfection is a cruel master that always leaves you feeling like a failure.  Even worse, I always felt certain I had missed some critical component, but I could never quite figure out what it was.